The secrets to writing a great rap verse

rap verseAlthough it may seem an easy task, coming up with a great rap verse calls for utmost creativity and great mastery of skills. A great rap verse should be able to bring out emotional response on the listeners. Therefore, depending on the message that you want to pass on as a rapper, your listeners may laugh, cry, or even sympathize with you. Unfortunately, not all the rappers can do this. Here are the secrets to writing a great rap verse. If you truly want to stand out in a crowd, then these tips will be of great benefit to you.

  1. Wordplay

As a rapper, nothing is more important than attracting the attention of your listeners. Word play is all about great manipulation and use of words in a particular manner. For instance, you may consider using words with double meaning to attract the attention of the listeners.

  1. Use Imagery

Great and well-chosen lyrics bring out vivid pictures that even the blind can see. They allow the listeners to visualize these lyrics in their minds. Consequently, when writing rap lyrics, see to it that you take into consideration different elements of the surrounding. As a matter of fact, imagery makes listeners to relate to their own personal experiences. For instance, if you are describing a great place in your lyrics that you’ve been to, the listeners may relate the lyrics to other great places that they have been to. Imagery, thus, is a great component as far as writing lyrics is concerned.


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The art of writing a great chorus

pop music singerSongwriting is a very generic skill that anyone can do. However, writing a song that will capture the attention of the world requires some knowledge in music and precision in arrangement. A song chorus is the most memorable part of any song, especially since it is repeated a couple of times. If the song has a good chorus, people will definitely like it even if the verses are not as entertaining. Learning how to write a chorus is fundamental for any songwriter and musician. A good chorus is characterized by several changes and properties. To write a perfect chorus, it is first important to understand its structure and essence in a song.

Chorus essence and structure

Songs contain several parts including notes, beats and melody. People will generally remember the melodies and forget other elements housed under it. Therefore, writing a chorus requires good understanding of melodies and pitch variation. A chorus is meant to break the long verses and provide memorable moments of the song. To manifest this break, the verse melody and chorus melody should be distinguished. This does not imply a total change of the melody. A small shift in pitch and/or note will usually do just fine.

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Creating Different Song Structures

Behind every great song is a strong song structure. The song structure is the way in which the different sections of a song have been arranged, normally with repetition, to create the total work. The different elements of a song structure are:

the art of song writing

  1. Intro – This appears at the beginning of the song and is often similar to another main part of the song, but slightly different – it may lack some of the instrumentation that’s built into the chorus and/or verses, or it may be at a different (usually lower) volume than the rest of the song.
  2. Verse – This is the part of a song that is used to tell most of the story in the song. Each verse usually has the same melody, but different lyrics. It leads into and builds toward the chorus. It normally has a straight forward structure and is usually 4 to 8 chords long.
  3. Chorus – This is the part of a song that normally contains the title and the hook, and is repeated severally throughout the song. It normally has a straight forward structure and is normally 4 to 8 chords long just like the verses but there is usually a change in its dynamics to make it stand out. These include timbre, volume and intensity.
  4. Bridge – This is often literally a bridge between the chorus and the verse or the verse and the chorus. It is especially useful when you have a key change or the transition from chorus to verse or vice versa is not particularly smooth. It may only be 2 or 4 bars long.
  5. Middle 8 – This part is used to break up the song so that it is not just a sequence of Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus and it normally has different dynamics. It’s usually in the middle of a song and tends to be 8 bars long. It’s synonymous to the bridge.
  6. Hook – This is the strongest line of lyric of a song that is sung over the strongest line of melody. It’s nearly always the title and is usually used in the chorus. It is the most memorable part of the song.
  7. Outro – This is similar to the intro but it usually appears at the end of the song. It can simply be a repeat of the chorus or verse chords structure, but it can also be totally different.

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How to write a song to a piece of music

How to write a song to a piece of musicRenowned songwriters have the ability to create classic songs that withstand the test of time. Taking listeners on a lyrical journey that will leave them humming to the song long after it has stopped playing is no child’s play. With the right know-how you can be able write a chart topper that will get your audience dancing every time it is played.

A good song should be devoid of too many confusing themes can be a put off to listeners. It should be noted that while some musicians/songwriters are gifted in writing captivating songs, a majority of them sweat it out to come up with a beautiful song. The easy to follow steps provided on this article will provide you with a road map on how to write a song to a piece of music particularly to novice songwriters.

What theme do you want to write about? Songs have different themes ranging from love, political agitation, your story, religion or whatever else you fancy. Some songwriters are inspired by what they see around them.

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