The secrets to writing a great rap verse

writing rap lyrics down

rap verseAlthough it may seem an easy task, coming up with a great rap verse calls for utmost creativity and great mastery of skills. A great rap verse should be able to bring out emotional response on the listeners. Therefore, depending on the message that you want to pass on as a rapper, your listeners may laugh, cry, or even sympathize with you. Unfortunately, not all the rappers can do this. Here are the secrets to writing a great rap verse. If you truly want to stand out in a crowd, then these tips will be of great benefit to you.



  1. Wordplay

As a rapper, nothing is more important than attracting the attention of your listeners. Word play is all about great manipulation and use of words in a particular manner. For instance, you may consider using words with double meaning to attract the attention of the listeners.



  1. Use Imagery

Great and well-chosen lyrics bring out vivid pictures that even the blind can see. They allow the listeners to visualize these lyrics in their minds. Consequently, when writing rap lyrics, see to it that you take into consideration different elements of the surrounding. As a matter of fact, imagery makes listeners to relate to their own personal experiences. For instance, if you are describing a great place in your lyrics that you’ve been to, the listeners may relate the lyrics to other great places that they have been to. Imagery, thus, is a great component as far as writing lyrics is concerned.




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  1. Use Metaphors

writing rap versesJust like imagery, metaphors play an important role in lyrics writing. One great way of coming up with a compelling metaphor is comparing two distinctly different things in such a manner that they appear related in the mind of the listener. The more creative you become in your metaphors, the greater the lyrics you come up with- as simple as that!





  1. Use both similar rhymes and perfect rhymes

One good example of a perfect rhyme is pool and cool. Unlike perfect rhymes, similar rhymes give a lot of creative freedom to the rappers. As such, rappers can roam as much as they want in their lyrical content. An example of a similar rhyme is to and cool.

Perfect rhymes may be fine in the beginning, but over time they become redundant. As a rapper, you need to know that there are a lot of similar rhymes for a particular word than there are for perfect rhymes. So, know when and where to use these two rhymes.



  1. Use punch lines and filler lines

Basically, filler lines are used to generate punch lines or simply to keep momentum going. Either way, they do not have a ��wow’ factor like that of a strong punch line. On the other hand, punch lines are those lyrics that not only attract your attention, but also leave a long-lasting impression. A great punch line is called a Quotable. Provided listeners have heard quotable lines, they will remember them for many years.


The more punch lines you use in your lyrics, the more effective they will be. In fact, if you can do this adeptly, you will not only be respected by listeners, but also by your fellow rappers.



  1. Lyrical content

nas versesAs much as rapping is about what you are saying, it also about how you are saying it. As such, the lyrical content should perfectly jibe the emotional undertone of instrumental. In case you are writing lyrics to an already arranged instrumental, the content of your lyrics should portray the same instrumental feel. Always have in mind that the best lyrics are catchy, concise, clear, and very easy to remember. If, on the contrary, you choose to use unrelated nonsense in your lyrics, your listeners will not have time to listen to your crap.


  1. Wrap up

Coming up with well-structured lyrics is the first yet a vital step in understanding how rapping is done. With the above tips, you can come up with compelling lyrics regardless of the situation you are in. Take time to write your lyrics, and if possible listen to a variety of songs, which will give you deeper insights on how rapping is done. However, be extra-vigilant not to copy exactly from others. Be original! Attracting the attention of your listeners begins with you. Consequently, write compelling lyrics that will see your listeners rooted to their chairs when listening to you.




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