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10 Part Video Series On
How To Overcome Rap Writers Block.

Our site is dedicated to providing great information about the song creation process. This will help new artist’s both songwriters and rappers understand all the fundamentals of creating a great song.

Writing a song is not an easy task hopefully I will help break down some of the knowledge that I have learned in my music career with other songwriters that are starting today. Writer’s block is curable and I have had it many times in my career. 

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rap writer's block

In my youth, this frustrated me so much that it wouldn’t allow me to create anything at all.

Now that I have matured over the years I have learned so much about songwriting and the construction of music that I no longer fear writer's block. That’ why I have created this blog. To help other songwriters that are just starting out. 

I will go through various song breakdowns and how you can build a song around a piece of music. And also I will share my secrets in creating song structure. This, in my opinion, is a great way to show creativity and is something the professional use all the time to create a hit song.

I will also speak about the power of a chorus in a song and how having a great hook to stick in the minds of your audience is crucial for getting radio play. We will also use examples of how other famous songs were constructed and why the producers and songwriters used these particular methods. 

My aim is to create a songwriters hub of information, my plans will also include information from other songwriters and rap artists on how they create their work and the skills they have acquired over the years in the music industry.

I hope you enjoy the Blog from Dan - The Getchorus.com Admin

rap writer's block