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by Dan Hartnett // March 29 //
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In this article, I’ll be teaching you guys about what you can do to quickly and easily gain confidence especially when you’re just starting out as a rapper.

We all want to be better than everyone we know. It could be about anything and you’d still want to be the best. It could range from cooking, drawing, writing, dancing, etc. etc. It’s fairly common for everyone to have a competitive side, so we’d always have to be the best, even when we know we can’t.

But what can you do when you know you can’t beat everyone? Practice, of course! And with that, I’ll be telling you guys a few rap songs that you can listen to and try to follow with ease.

Rap Lyrics That Are Easy To Learn

Eminem – Lose Yourself

This comes as a no brainer. It’s the first song most 2000s kids would have heard from him, and is one of his well-known singles.

The song starts out nice and slow and gives you a chance to follow along with the lyrics, as well as have a feel for the flow of the music.

If you want an easy song to rap along with, Lose Yourself is always a go to, especially if you want to practice being able to rap continuously without having to take a break to breathe in his rap lyrics every so often.

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Eminem – Stan

I couldn’t talk about Eminem without talking about Stan. This song is also one of Eminem’s star singles. The slow pace of the song mixed with the high emotion you feel towards the end, it’s a great song to rap along to for practice.

You could listen to the song one time and you’d get the lyrics quickly with how easy you can get the lyrics. With this song, you can practice how you deliver your lyrics with the proper emotion, with the correct cadence and impact of your own voice.

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The Notorious B.I.G. – Mo Money Mo Problems

On a lighter note, this song is one of the best songs to practice with if you want to be able to keep the crowd lively along with still being able to rap well and not miss a single beat.

With both Mase and Puff Daddy being featured in the song, you’ll have three different rappers to practice after and learn more about how they go with the rap flow of the song. It’s a great song to practice to if you want to learn how to rap in a more upbeat and bouncy beat.

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Kanye West – Stronger

Almost everyone knows this song. It’s one of the catchiest songs that Kanye has released, and the way he delivers his rap lyrics, makes it much easier to follow with and rap along to. This is a good song for those that find the first three I mentioned above a little scary and daunting.

It’s a good place to start with since he doesn’t rap all that fast and not to slow, a perfect in between. Make sure to remember the notes of where he adds emphasis in his lyrics because you’ll need to do that as well in your own song, and maybe do it even better than Kanye.

If none of those songs are to your liking, then why not choose your favourite artist and pick your favourite rap songs from them and practice that song. You can go with whatever song you want and all you need to do is practice, practice, practice.

With that all done with, now I’ll tell you guys about what you can do to gain confidence, on and off stage, especially when you’re still a beginner and don’t know that many people that can help you grow. In this case, the best teacher is always yourself.

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  1. Always start a rap song about yourself

This is of course, essential, especially when you’re just starting out. No one would help you out in the beginning so you’re basically alone until you create friends in the community. In this instance, it’s always best to start with yourself.

You’ll need to look around on the internet and read some books if you want to learn more about being a rapper. You’ll need the knowledge so that you can easily gain more confidence as you grow as a rapper.

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Of course, it won’t always be easy when you’re alone, but you’ll have to remember that apart from everyone around you, your biggest competition is with yourself. Yes you want to be better than everyone, but to do that, you’ll need to be better than you were yesterday, the day before that, and even better than you are now.

So don’t worry about other people, worry about yourself and your ability to grow your confidence as a rapper. They have their own ways of getting better and so should you.

  1. Scribe as much rap lyrics as you can write

Do you write a song daily? Or maybe you have a goal of writing 5 songs a week? If that’s the case, you’ll need to also have a goal of practicing and memorizing songs for the day, week, or even month.

Doing this, you’ll be able to learn more rap songs quickly and also learn the different kinds of flow that can be heard in many songs.

If you can’t handle memorizing songs within a short time stamp, then why not practice parts of a song and perfect it before moving to the next verse. At the end of the week, you’ll be able to master a song within a week, making that four songs in a month.

That sounds like a good deal, right? Do this and you’ll easily be more confident in rapping in front of a small group of people or even a stage with a large crowd in front of you.

  1. Explore more lyrics and variety

Also known as, researching. The more words you know, the more you’ll be able to enunciate correctly and differently depending on the song that you’ll be creating.

In this case, the help of a thesaurus and dictionary is essential so that you’ll have knowledge of more words that you can incorporate into your lyrics. It also helps if you know what a word means when you see it in a lyric from a different artist or even your favourite rapper.

There are plenty of songs that use vocabulary that is rarely heard in rap music, but is also used in a day to day conversation. Take note of those songs because they can be a great source of inspiration when you don’t know what to write about and even what to include in your lyrics.

It will not only surprise people that you’ve managed to include those kinds of words into your song, but will also be a breath of fresh air in a group of artists that have nothing but remarks about sex, women, and money in it. So why not start talking about the opposite of those?

Food for thought.

  1. Use A Basic Boom Bap Type Rap Beat

Maybe you have a notebook full of lyrics stashed away. Or maybe you just wrote a new song that you want to put out and don’t know how to deliver it yet.

Why not just find a simple boom bap type rap beat and rap along to it first. It’s going to be good practice for you, especially if it’s just a new song that you don’t know how to rap to any beat


A basic beat will be of much help in this scenario so that you can practice your lyrics. You might find that you need to edit your lyrics or maybe say something a little differently, the use of a simple rap beat will be essential.

The perks of using a basic beat is that you don’t have to worry about any changes in the melody so that you don’t have to keep rewinding when you do practice with one. It should be simple, have a rhythmic feel to it, and shouldn’t involve too much instruments, all for the ease of learning.

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  1. Keep on reciting rap that helps with flow

Find a good rap song that has great rap flow and is the kind that you want to emulate. Once you have one or maybe even a handful of it, start reciting rap songs that will help you build on your rap flow and how you say something. 

There are a ton of them online, so it’s easy to find one that you want to practice with. It’s key that you have an amazing rap flow or else your song will fall apart as soon as you pronounce the first word. No one would want to listen to you if it isn’t delivered well.

If you don’t have the flow, you won’t be able to deliver the feeling of the song correctly, therefore people will be less likely to listen to you, online and even more so on stage.

A good flow catches the ears of the listener, but having great flow along with amazing rap lyrics is what keeps them coming back for more. Both of them has to have a little bit of substance if you want your song to be amazing. The more people that listen to you, the more confident you’ll be in your talents and your abilities.

  1. Practice These Simple Rap Songs

This is one of those ‘duh’ moments.

Naturally, practicing shouldn’t be on this list, but there are some people that think that they don’t need practice. Those are the ones that end up never practicing yet are the ones that need it the most. 

Practicing is an essential part of becoming a rapper. If you don’t memorize these rap lyrics and don’t know how things are supposed to go, then you’ll end up drawing a blank once you cue comes on. You’ll wind up staring at a group of people and have them staring back at you waiting for you to start your rapping.

If you don’t want to end up like one of those guys, then always make time to practice. If you have a small live event, or if you’re just joining an open mic night, then it’s always a good idea to practice your rap songs before going up on stage.

You’ll not only be prepared, but you’ll also be able to be more confident if you know what to rap about and when to do it, so that you don’t step out of place or lose your focus while you’re up on stage.

  1. Listen to more rap songs

Listening to more rap songs should be a part of your daily routine. Don’t always listen to your favourite rap song or even your favourite artist. It’s best to branch out every so often so that you don’t end up being influenced by only one or maybe three rappers.

It’s good to have an influence from a large group of rappers so that you can find your own style but still have a hint of flavour from different rap artists in the industry. If you continue listening to one rapper all the time, you’ll end up copying him/her instead of having your own unique sound.

You could even listen to pop if you have nothing else to listen to, just don’t get any inspiration from them or else you’ll be a pop singer instead of a rapper. Actively search for more rap artists to listen to if you already have a cornucopia of artists in your list.

There are many underground and even underrated rap artists that not many have heard of, so you shouldn’t be able to run out of rappers to look for when you’re tired of listening to the same old, same old.

  1. Build confidence alone

You’ll need to get over your shy and timid personality if you want to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. To do that, you’ll need to practice being loud and proud of what you wrote. If you can’t get out of your shell, you’re better off as a ghost writer than an actual rapper

Don’t like the sound of that? Then you’ll have to be more confident in your writing your own rap lyrics. Amazing lyrics need to be said with power and emphasis if you want people to believe you and what you’re saying when you’re in front of them.

Imagine two people rapping in front of a group of maybe fifty people. Would you rather watch and cheer the loud and confident rapper that continues keeping the crowd cheering for more, or would you rather watch and cheer the rapper that’s hiding behind his hat and has his voice so low, it’s above a whisper?

Of course you’d watch the latter, everyone would feel much more energy and excitement from the guy that has the crowd jumping up and down. So be that guy. Don’t be the shy one.

  1. Make it a competition – it always is

You might think it isn’t, but it is. It is always a competition. With yourself and with the people around you. How is it a competition with yourself? Well, for starters, you’ll always want to be the better version of yourself.

There are many ways that you can do that. You can practice and practice, have training from other more well-learned artists, and even just listen to other rappers if you can’t find any sort of inspiration. It’s always a good thing to ask help from others even if you don’t want to.

You can never learn about everything in rap if you only teach yourself without asking others.

And of course, it’s always a competition with other people. You want to be the best there is, and you’ll need to remember that if you already think you’re the best in your city, that you’ll have to face the best in the next city, then maybe in the next country, and of course, the best in other continents.

Just keep in mind that it is always a competition, with yourself and the people who help you up as well as those that bring you down.

Hopefully you practice with the songs I mentioned, or even the artists you chose so that you know how to rap better and much more confidently.

The tips I included should also give you an idea of what you should and shouldn’t do when learning to be a better rapper if you’re just beginning.

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