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by Dan Hartnett // April 14 //
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A lot of rap experts say that Eminem is the rapper’s rapper. He is considered as one of the best rappers in the history of rap music industry.

He focuses a lot on melody, enunciation, and diction. In terms of his cadence, it is incomparable. Eminem has a wicked, unique voice.

As far as the speed in rapping is concerned, he can rap a lot of words and say them clearly, which is something quite difficult to do when you’re talking too much. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot learn how to rap like Eminem.

If you want to know how to rap like Eminem, below is a list of effective tips and techniques you can do. Studying various videos and interviews with Eminem’s producers and peers, I have highlighted some common traits that make Eminem so good at rapping.

If you are beginning with your rap career or continue to perfect your craft, learn how to rap like Eminem using these tips will give you the confidence to develop your own rapping style.


 Just Play Around With It

Eminem naturally has an accent, high pitch, and his slang. He kinda puts all of them together in a way to make his rapping unique. 

If you listen to the way he talks, you’ll notice that he has anger and grit in his voice. 

Just play around with it. When you utter words and syllables, do not be afraid to stretch words and kinda manipulate them. However, remember that it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to spend time and exert effort in learning how to rap like Eminem.

While doing your best practicing, don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing.



Study The Language 

A lot of people do not know that Eminem worked hard in studying the language. He mastered his craft and spent a lot of time figuring out how words mesh together.

When you study language, it can help you play with words. Start keeping a notepad and get used to writing down new words that you hear people in your life say.


Use Multis And Master It

Multis, also known as multisyllabic rhyming is basically rhyming more than one syllable in each bar.

This particular technique is used by Eminem and other popular rappers in the music industry. An average rapper would only rhyme one syllable. For instance, they rhyme the word “fish” with the word “dish”.

On the other hand, an advanced rapper would do more than that. In using multis, you don’t necessarily need to find the words that rhyme with your original word.

 You can opt for words that almost rhyme with it. For instance, you begin with the syllable “turds” and rhyme it with “words”. Then you add syllables like “cat” and “last”. Notice that “cat” and “last” do not really rhyme with each other.

However, when you pronounce the sound “a” in both words, there goes their similarity. You can put the syllables you’ve come up with in each bar. And you can rap something like, “I was walking down the streets steps and I could see the birds.

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I’m a really freaking gangster so that’s my last word”. You can add more syllables to it, but remember not to overdo it. In addition, do not just add syllables just to add more rhymes. In other words, do not rhyme randomly.


The syllables you choose need to make sense, too. If you are feeling that this has become difficult, look at other rappers that rap slow.

Rap artists like Rick Ross, Mac Miller, Logic, all rap slow so that they annunciate their words. Speed rapping like Eminem will come in time after you have mastered rapping slowly.


What Makes Eminem So Good At Rapping

4. Widen Your Vocabulary –

 Another thing that makes Eminem a great rapper is his wide vocabulary. As you listen to his songs, you’ll notice how vast his vocabulary is.

 With this, he can turn the complex into their simplest form. Since he knows a lot of words and he understands the meanings of those words, he can play with words a lot.

He can impressively pull a lot of words together due to his wide vocabulary. One of the greatest tools you can use is an online thesaurus, or a rap site called



Use Rhymes In The Middle

Traditionally, most rap songs have rhymes at the end of every bar. This may sound too boring if you do it all the time.

One helpful technique you can do is use rhymes in the middle of each bar. This way, you can make everything a lot cleaner and smoother. So, don’t be afraid to use internal rhymes. 

One common technique that most rappers do to change up their style is to add a pre-chorus or different eight before the chorus.

This can be done by changing you vocal projection or how you rap the words of the song and the timing in which you rap those words.



Be Visual With Your Lyrics 

When you want to rap like Eminem, you definitely need to know how visual he is in terms of the rhymes and words he’s been using in his songs.

He goes into details of what his character does and say everything in his songs. He really describes everything in details.

 Most of the time you can picture in your mind when he goes all serial killer mode with his lyrics.

 A perfect example for this is the way that Eminem raps is his song “Stan”.

He paints a vivid picture of and self-obsessed fan and the cruel and violent things he does. Another visual image that Eminem displays, is that he creates a double scenario in the is song.

Where not only does Eminem share the fans turmoil, but what it’s like to be a famous rap artist as Slim Shaddy.


Quick Notes About Rapping Fast Like Eminem

When you follow the tips and techniques for learning how to rap mentioned above, do not forget that it may take days, weeks, months or even years before you learn how to rap like Eminem.

But with great determination, patience and willingness to learn, you’ll be able to master these techniques the shortest possible time. 

A lot of young rappers worry about speed and sounding like a pro. But a craft like rapping takes the time to perfect. Sure there are a lot of talentless rappers that are famous. But these rappers will never stand the test of time.

Years from now Eminem will be remembered like the Pac and Biggies because of his lyrics, time and dedication to his craft. If you, at least, spend twenty minutes per day practicing these rap tips. 

!Attention Rap Artists, Singers & Songwriters!
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