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How To Write A Rap? ᐉ【9 Tips And Techniques To Guide You】

by Dan Hartnett // March 13 //
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When it comes to music, there is equality. Boys and girls, regardless of race and age, long for the day they can learn how to write a rap song with ease.

The good thing is, there are effective tips and techniques you can follow to be able to write a rap song like a pro.

Below is a list of tips you need to know in order to learn how to write a rap, so keep reading.


Pick A Rap Topic That Suits You

how to write a rap song

You are probably wondering where to start or how to begin in writing a rap song. One of the first things you need to know is to pick a topic that relates to you.

Sometimes young rappers feel that they should rap about , gang culture , street violence and drug dealing, just because it fits that common mold of hip hop music.

If you life doesn’t have these aspects to it, then don’t rap about. Artist’s like Kid Cudi, Kanye, J Cole , Kendrick Lamar all broke this hip hop artist stereotype. So learn how to write a rap or rap lyrics about a character that you create.

Build a theme around a situation about their life. Choose a song topic that best suits you. Keep in mind that a rap can be anything you want. 

Picking The Right Rap Topics To Write Lyrics Too

It can be anything you like, hate, are scared of, etc. You have the freedom to choose what topic that deserves the attention of your listeners. Rapping has always been a way of self-expression.

A lot of rappers write songs to express themselves about certain topics people can relate to. They use their songs to express their principles and beliefs. This is one of the reasons a lot of rap artists love their craft.

It’s basically telling the world how you feel and what you think about things and about yourself or around you.


Find Rhymes For Your Own Name


Go and check the thesaurus to find rhymes for your name. For instance, if your name is Dave you can list down all the letters of the alphabet and come up with words that rhyme with your name.

The name Dave rhymes with a cave, gave, gave, save, rave, save and wave. The next thing you need to do is come up with a concept or story with those rhyming words.

But during the first few lines of your song, you need to introduce yourself. Let’s say you start your song with “I go by the name Dave…” and then you go on with the rest of the words. Just make sure everything makes sense. 


Find The Best Beats


3. Finding The Best Beat Is Important – Preferably, find a rap beat or hip hop instrumental that suits your subject.

For example, if you are writing about love, you don’t wanna pick a beat that is harsh and tough. You can find beats online.

There are websites where you can find them. SoundCloud, for instance, is one of them. Or, you can also produce your own beat if you have the skills to do so.      



Moreover, you may also find producers who are willing to work with you. Also, here on, we have rap beats that we created by the top hip hop beat makers on Rocbattle.

We have handpicked most of the best beat makers to make it easier for you to find that perfect hip hop beat. 


Choose A Rhythm Or Melody For Your Song

creating melody in rap songs

– This is very vital in making rap songs. You may have the best lyrics, but if your melody or song flow is not impressive then it seems useless.

Sometimes, people don’t give much importance to the lyrics of your song. If they are impressed with the melody of the song, then your song is a hit.


You should remember this because it is a very important tip aspiring rappers need to keep in mind whenever they write a rap song. This is the main reason hip-hop loves to use rap sample beats.

Most of the time rappers take the key part of the song which is the melody. A perfect example of this is Work Out By J Cole.

He took melody out of the last piece of Kanye’s workout plan song. It was this part of the song that helped him create the whole song after that. 


!Attention Rap Artists, Singers & Songwriters!
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Write Down And Practice Your Lyrics
Write Down Your Lyrics

Once you start writing your lyrics, practice everything all over again. Once you go to the studio for recording, you’ll be able to save a lot of time. As you go practicing, make sure you sound like a pro. 

When you are finished practicing, it doesn’t mean that you are already done. You might wanna go back and rewrite some parts of the lyrics to make everything better.  

Make sure that you are personally satisfied with how everything goes. Remember to give your lyrical creation time to flourish.


Keep that notepad handy so that you can keep a record of clever uses of words for your next rap song. Have pre-written rap lyrics at hand will make your creation process much easier for you.

This will take the pressure off your back when you are writing rap lyrics. It will help you mentally when you are having rap writers block.

Most of the tops rappers like Eminem, J Cole, Drake etc, all keep a notepad handy to keep a lyrical word count built up at all times. 

Final Note About Writing Rap Songs

So there you go. The tips and techniques mentioned above can help you learn how to write a rap song that really suits you. Experts say that you should treat your song as if your own child that needs your care and attention. You have to make sure that it gets the love it deserves.

People will know that you have poured your heart and soul into your song.   Remember that you don’t need to be a professional singer in order to write a rap song like a pro.

If you are determined and passionate enough to follow your dream as a rap artist, it is always possible to make it a reality. However, you just need to remind yourself that there is no such thing as overnight success.

It takes time, determination, practice to be able to write a rap song that can catch the heart and attention of the audience.

!Attention Rap Artists, Singers & Songwriters!
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