How To Rap Fast : The Ultimate Guide For Rapping Fast.

How To Rap Fast?【The Ultimate Guide For Rapping Fast】

by Dan Hartnett // March 14 //

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Before you dive into this article on how to rap fast like the pros.

You have to ask yourself some questions on why you want to learn how to rap fast?

Remember you have to learn how to crawl before you learn to walk.

 Make sure that you know how to rap slow first.  You need the basics to build up your mindset. Rapping is always about confidence.

You can read blogs about 10 tips on how to rap like a pro all day. But if you have no confidence in your ability as a rapper, you will never make it as a pro.


When you are pretty confident in your rapping skills before you can try the more difficult fast rapping techniques. It’s also good for you to ask others for feedback.

If you have a laid-back rapping style and you change it up to more fast raps, this may not fit with your image.

Think of it this way if slow rapping rap stars like Kanye West started rapping like Twista, Tech N9ne or Rapping like Eminem in rap god, how do think that this would go down with his fans?


If you just want to learn how to start rapping faster without sounding like a fool, keep reading. We will discuss various techniques that you need to learn how to rap fast.

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So make sure you ask for that feedback.

Benefits In Rapping Fast.

  • Learning how to rap fast will improve your confidence in your raps.
  • Rapping Fast will enable you to strengthen your tongue muscle.
  • It will help you learn to enunciate your words more clearly.
  • It will force you to practice more and learn from other fast rapping songs.
  • Rapping fast will challenge you to use words more carefully, thus improving your vocabulary, wordplay and rhyming techniques.
  • It will also force you to listen to playbacks of your own recordings. So that you can find area’s that are causing you to mess up.


Step 1 Learn To Enunciate Your Words


When you begin to change your raps too fast raps, you are changing the pronunciation techniques that you previously acquired with the slow raps.


One of the biggest obstacles that rappers will face is that they will struggle to pronounce certain words that were once familiar to them.


I wouldn’t just dive into rapping fast just like the pros. Just like learning to play any instrument, learning how to rap comes with building up your confidence.


Don’t try and run the gauntlet with a rap song like Eminem’s Rap god.


This song has expert skill and technique. Struggling at an expert level will hinder your confidence, killing any motivation to learn the basics.


What you want to do is build your confidence up with small wins, so that when it comes time tackling a rap song like Eminem’s Rap God, you have the mindset to cope with the pressure.


Nothing will make you sound more like an amateur if you can’t pronounce your words.


Enunciation is a key skill that you will need to gradually increase the speed of your raps.


Start with a mid-tempo rap song that you are really comfortable with. This can come in the form of a popular hip hop song or one of your own songs.


Gradually increase the tempo of the song with the lyrics. Not just the speed of the rap instrumental. Start listening to the way the words sound when the tempo has been increased.


You can increase the tempo of your music or song using a free audio program called audacity. If you don’t want to mess around with music programs, try uploading your song to Youtube.


Change the speed of a rap song in audacity


Here you can change the speed of your video so you can practice rapping fast.


Change rap song speed of a Youtube video


Why You Should Change The Speed Of Your Favourite Rap Songs?

What’s also cool about these 2 methods is that you can also slow down fast rap songs to the speed that you are currently comfortable with.


This enables you to hear the way the words that are spoken, and the way that they are pronounced.



Step 2 Learn To Practice Your Words and Rap Lyrics


Practicing your words should be a given.


Start with a just a couple of bars first. When you start with just 4 bars at a time you decrease the pressure to learn the whole rap song. 


Most rookie rappers will get daunted when the have three sixteen bar verses to learn. Biting off more than you can chew again will lead to confusion and a negative mindset.


The most difficult thing about trying to speed up your rap flow is trying to teach your mind to work that little bit harder to say the words faster.


This is why most how to rap guides recommend that you start learning cover versions of famous rap songs.


Take each verse bar by bar.


If you have to slow down that rap song just a little do so. Use the methods I mentioned above to help you.


When you are practicing other famous rappers lyrics you don’t need to decipher or come up the way it should sound. The rap artist already has given you the formula of how you need to say the words.


Remember This …..


Increasing the speed of your raps is not just a muscle technique. A lot of how to rap guides online really focus in on muscle techniques. While this is a very important factor increasing you rap speed ability it shouldn’t be your sole focus.


Rapping fast comes from the mind too. Your brain needs to be coached too.


You can clearly see this when you learn fast rap songs at a much quicker pace, compared to having to figure out the rap flow for your own fast paced rap lyrics.


Over time practicing words and the timing that you need to rap them, will eventually become second nature to you. This way you will be able to figure out your own raps and how to rap them faster than before.


Learn to pick the right words…..


Don’t pick too many words with vowels {A, E, I, O, U,} These act like stop words in the rap stem and may cause your trip up on the pace of the rap.



You should always make it more easy for yourself when picking the right words to rap. Don’t overcomplicate the lyrics. Pick words that flow well with your raps and the beat.


This will help you enunciate your words more clearly enabling your fans to understand the lyrics and connect with the rap lyrics.


Step 3 Learn To Count Bars In Rap Music


I won’t go into great detail about how to count bars here in this article because I have written extensively about it before. Learn how to count bars in rap music here.


But I feel that this is a fundamental part of learning how to rap. Like when I spoke before about learning how to write a rap song, slow rap songs tend to happen on the 1 and the 3 bars of the rap song.


When you speed up your raps you effectively extending every single word in that Bar. You can see this with Rappers like Busta Rhymes. Busta elongates all of his words in each bar, which kind of tricks our minds to thinking that he is rapping more words.


Try and find a clean rap beat that suits rapping faster. This will make it much easier for you to count the bars of the rap song.


Once you know how to count bars of a specific beat you can map out where you want certain words to go in each part of the rap song.


When you don’t know which bar is which, you are creating a more difficult path to learning from. This will lead to confusion and frustration.
How to overcome this….


Keeping yourself focused on understanding the main patterns within that rap beat will keep you focusing in on the things that are working. This will give you confidence in the building your song from its strengths.


Example if you have a 8 bar verse that is just perfect. You can map out the rest of the bars of that rap song based on what works in that first 8 bars.


Concentrate on the very first few bars that you create or want to learn. Don’t move on to the next bars until you have mastered the very start of the song.


Number Box Round No Border

I know everyone reading this just hates me now that I have mentioned warm ups.


This is mouth and muscle gym that we can’t get away from.


Start off with doing some tongue twisters, Here is a list of old English Tongue Twisters


I used to hate doing this when I was a part of a theater group years ago, but it just works sometimes you just have grind at things that will help you build up the muscles in your mouth and the enunciation of your vocals.


Articulation exercises can get your muscles ready for the work that they have to do. This is something that big actors do for Shakespearian plays or musicals. I found a list of acting mouth exercises on this website here.


Simple techniques like these also instill a huge amount of confidence because they are actually hard to do. Once you master them you can take away this confidence to the creation process of speeding your raps.

rap practice exercises

Remember this when learning how to rap fast...

It’s not all about the warm up of the vocal lips. It’s about the power of your tongue. Your lips help you project the words but your tongue actually creates the sound of the words.  


I would practice about 3 – 4  tongue Twisters a day for about 15 – 20 minutes. After my practices, I would tackle 8 bars of famous rap verse that has fast rap lyrics in it.


It’s a great idea to record yourself while you are practicing. I will help you compare different takes of your practice sessions.

Here you judge if you are making progress with the speed of your raps and if you are ready to move on.


Step 5 Learn How To Control Your Breathing When Rapping Live


One rule of thumb that most rappers are thought to remember is K I S S, which means to keep it simple stupid.


Sometimes mature MC’s become the architects of their own destruction by adding words at the wrong intervals or being too cocky to learn the right breathing techniques.


Know your raps lyrics to the word….


The best thing you can do to control your breathing when rapping is to know your raps perfectly. This way you can find these little pockets of within the lyrics where you can draw in some breath.


By thinking about your breathing while rapping will cause you to be distracted and lose focus. Most of the great fast rapping MC’s like Busta, Twista, and Tech N9ne all know their own raps to the letter.


They have deciphered all the air pockets with their own lyrics. These rappers are human and like everyone else, and they will only pick the right moment when to spit their lyrics like an uzi.


When new rappers come to playing live or long periods at the studio they having mastered the art of building up their stamina. Playing for a 2-hour show is a long time.


Maybe you should try this out …


Get used to rapping while working out at the gym or start to rap when you are out jogging. This will help build up your lung capacity and increase your stamina when you are rapping for long periods.


50 cent rapping at the gym


{ CAUTION: You don’t need to do this upside down like 50 Cent, just jog while rapping


Try and find a good stage posture so that you are comfortable to rap much faster in the right position.


Some rappers tend to crouch down to the crowd a lot, which is never a good idea. This will interrupt your air flow from your chest leaving you out of breath and out of practice.


Having a good posture will make it much easier to follow the raps you need to spit raps really fast.


Step 6: How To Rap Fast Without Messing Up? Simple Answer Don’t Stop Rapping.


This links back to my Learn How To Freestyle Rap article where I spoke about Pat Para’s Golden rules. This one of his key focus point in his work teach people freestyle rapping techniques

Click Here To Learn About Pat Para’s Freestyle Rap Tips


  1. His first rule is to not worry about rhyming all the time. Rappers get hung up on the fact that they have to rhyme all the time. They want to rap like J Cole or Eminemand end up getting stuck focusing too much on Rhyming.
  2. Pat’s second rule is to not don’t stop rapping when you are practicing. If you carry out rule one, then there is no pressure to make sure all the words match and have deep meaning.


Eventually when you get more confident and you believe you have mastered your own flow then you can gradually add rhymes and syllables to make you rhymes sound more professional.


Continue to practice this these improvisational freestyle rap procedures maybe for about 30 minutes a day. Make sure to use Pat Para’s 2 golden rules. After time you will develop the ability to learn how to rap fast without messing up.


You have to give yourself time and confidence to learn fast rapping skills. Most rookies just want to just head first in learning how to rap like Eminem on Rap God.


learn to record yourself practicing your fast raps

Download simple dictaphone App Recorders to record your progress.


Dictaphone App Recorders {Android}


Dictaphone App Recorders {Iphone}


If you make a mistake keep your flow going, fill the void by jumping to the next line.
“You will never learn from your mistakes if you don’t allow yourself to make them.”



Step 7: Start With Pre-Written Rap Lyrics

When rappers gain the confidence in the rap flow and the speed of their raps, they sometimes get cocky.  They don’t continue to use the skills that got them to that level in the first place.

Most of the time when you watch live freestyle battles on Youtube or on Sway in The Morning, these rappers are locked a loaded with pre-written material. They end up mixing in some of the dome raps with the pre-written lyrics.

sway in the morning fast rappers

They end up mixing in some of the dome raps with the pre-written lyrics.


When you have an arsenal of material that you can bend into a freestyle, your performance is much more at ease because you don’t have the added pressure of firing blanks.


We saw this a while back when Drake and Meek Mill had beef in the Music Industry. Drake fired back at Meek Mill with lyrics that could have been directed at anyone that took shots at Drake.


Even Eminem is famous for saying that he carries a notepad around to jot down material to use at a later date.


Now it’s your turn to work


The main goal of this article is for inspirational purposes. I never intend in any artist using my articles as gospel.

From the time that I started to blog about hip hop music, I noticed one common pain point with aspiring rappers.

This pain point is confidence. Many would be rappers, tear themselves down with the lack of discipline and confidence.


None of my tips are any good unless you have some belief that you can overcome the obstacles in your rap career. You need to have a spine in the hip hop music industry.

Learn how to rap fast or speed up your current rap skills all depends on a good mindset and the drive to practice the steps that I have outlined.   


My aim in all my blogs, is to instill confidence in young rap artists. To motivate them to learn the fundamentals that are needed to rap like the pros.

If yo find that my blog helps you to achieve this share it with other rap artists online. 

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